Reflecting on “Art, Body & Mind” – with Richard Hamilton

PP #46 – “Art, Body & Mind” – Richard Hamilton

The last week has been eventful to say the least; It started off with a collision in the Perpetually Pensive Universe. A beautiful, sunny Monday evening that should have been a fun conversation with my co host, turned into a cloudy, heated storm over how future ideas should be implemented and defining specific media. Thankfully, everytime a cataclysmic event occurs in the PP universe, we seem to end in a good place. It’s analogous to diamonds being created under pressured, only we’re left with the purest idea that fits both sides in a fair manner.

As the storm faded into the distance my newfound optimism gave me the inspiration to release a Short Film that I had made entitled “Fine Tune.” I made this before Christmas, and now, finally, I’m really happy to release it. The film has been massive for me personally, professionally and creatively. If you’ve seen it I hope you enjoyed it. If you haven’t, feel free to check it out on our Facebook and Youtube pages.

On Saturday I had a super busy and productive day. I ran Derry City Parkrun with my new Club – I’m seeing results already as I set a new 5k time for that course with a 18:37 effort, beating my former effort my 11 seconds. When you’re going for a personal best I’ve found that it‘s extremely challenging on the body and mind. Any kind of ego, arrogance or believe in who you are is tested as your body and mind starts to catch fire in the cauldron that is the home straight. You’re looking through all the bullshit and straight into your soul; I find it to be both euphoric and hellish – I can’t wait to be there again.

That afternoon my brain was counteracting the stress from setting a new PB by releasing feel good chemicals – I was high as fuck from a concentrated dose of Norepinephrine and caffeine. As I started setting up my equipment Richard walked in; Immediately we connected – we must have talked 45 minutes before the actual podcast commenced.

Richard is a photographer and his content is epic both on a creative and technical level, and my interest at first was to map out what brought him to this point. However, I quickly relaised that his specialised style of nude portraits opened up an important conversation of perception and subjectivity; The fact is, nobody is perfect, and everything is subjective.

During our podcast we also talked a lot about the moments before pressing the publish button on something we’ve created, and what the character of our experience is at that moment. Myself and Richard have done this on numerous occasions with our content, and putting yourself out there can bring a lot of self doubt, so it was great having the element of empathy on both sides of this podcast.

We talked about a lot more which I’ll let you listen to, however, for nearly 2 and half hours that day we chatted – 35 minutes of that was captured on software; the rest was just two people with a human connection – It was a lot of fun.


Stay Pensive.



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