Reflecting on dancing with the devil – PP#43

It really is a great thing to see life through another’s perspective and this week I had that opportunity. I was joined by a very strong and intriguing woman by the Name of Sara Alexander, who was a stripper by night and a hard working student by day.

I honestly never gave much thought to the people within that industry and the struggles that they sometimes have to endure. However, during my podcast with Sara I quickly learned that it can be a dark world. If you’re not strong enough it will chew you up and leave you for dead.

Prague is one of the most beautiful places I have seen and some may think that it’s quite progressive to have sex work legalized. There are arguments to be made that it also helps perpetuate the dark underbelly of Prague’s organized crime world from gangs, racketeering, drugs and human trafficking.

My encounter with Sara has given me a fresh perspective and I no longer see Prague through the rose tinted glasses I once did. During the podcast my respect and admiration grew for the people who depended on stripping to make a decent living. My heart goes out to the lives that have been corrupted and destroyed with this dark lifestyle but thankfully Sara isn’t one of them.
Although Sara takes us on a roller coaster ride through her past, she ultimately has a positive and inspiring message for any person who may be in a similar situation. A message of hope, strength and perseverance.

Stay pensive

Listen to the whole episode here.

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