Reflecting on Ahead of the curve – PP#45

Reflecting on Ahead of the Curve

This week I managed to secure some time with a very special man by the name of Kenny Phipps. To say I was nervous about having Kenny on the podcast is an understatement. The place where we agreed to meet was in the garden of an amazing building which served once as the Dutch embassy and now is home to the people of K10 which rents out the space to budding start-up projects and other businesses who need the space.

The environment was buzzing with creative energy; The sun was shining with people locked into their laptops, team meetings in flow and a bunch of people playing Badminton and chilling on the carpet like lawn. It was for all tense and purposes a paradise for budding entrepreneurs.

Whilst bathing in the beauty of this place I met with Kenny, he was shorter than I expected but to my surprise he was extremely welcoming and very accommodating. I had the silly notion that I would be meeting with a person who would be quite intimidating, however,  it was completely the opposite.

So Kenny and I get into the podcast and he paints a quick picture of who he is and how he ended up in Prague. Kenny found his way to this beautiful city through working with DHL many years ago and he then moved into starting up his own projects and now currently manages two very impressive companies like City Spy Prague and also V6 ventures.

I could already tell that Kenny is a man who gets stuff done; It really made me think about the ideas I’ve had over the years that I never really followed through with 100% commitment. I could tell that Kenny was a man who sets his mind on a goal and doesn’t rest until its accomplished.

We often have ideas and most probably tend to think they’re great. But now I see the difference between myself and true entrepreneurs – commitment to action. Action is what separates entrepreneurs from wantrepreneurs.

Kenny also mentioned that he is a risk taker and I could tell that was one of his key ingredients. To take risk and throw your money away on the next business opportunity isn’t what im talking about. But taking a calculated risk, putting all your chips down on something you’ve studied inside and out, that is something which comes with being a successful entrepreneur.

After hearing about his successes and getting a hint of some of his failures Kenny showed his selfless side. He offered a helping hand to any business minded people who needed some advice and this I could tell was yet another ingredient to the successful entrepreneur. To be ambitious and go out into the world and stake your claim is courageous, but giving back to the world is truly an admirable trait and one I could feel was strong in Kenny.

To meet such a man like Kenny was a  pleasure and I took away some very valuable lessons. I hope this podcast will reach some aspiring entrepreneur and inspire them to achieve their dream.

Stay Pensive

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