Reflecting on Park Run with George Row

Park Run is a great way to test yourself as a runner no matter what level you are at. It was the first time I ran in any kind of organized race. It allowed me to see where I was at as a runner, and inspire confidence for me to join an athletics club and continue my journey. But, that’s only my story. Thousands of others have battled it out trying to get a personal best or even just finish the course.

It’s very simple. You register, and get your barcode which will clock when running over the finish line. A few hours later your time will be up on the Parkrun website. It’s about beating your time, but make no mistake you’ll want to beat everyone there on the day as well. A sweet feeling when it happens.

Speaking to one of the managers of Derry city Parkrun George Row this week, he talks to me about the scale of park run, records and the origin of this week’s race. We also talk about nutrition, race distances, marathons, training and where it would be good for a newbie to start.

We both had funny stories about our first run, so get out there and have yours!



Stay pensive!

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