Reflecting on the Fringe

This week has been hectic to say the least with the F.A. cup finals just passed and thank fuck for that. My day job is working as a barman and serving drinks to crazed football fanatics is probably the main aspect of the job.

This week Chelsea ( Who happen to be Eamon’s favorite team ) won some fancy cup and this seemed to make a lot of people in blue shirts happy almost to the point of ejaculation. I stood there in the bar somewhat disorientated by a combination of tiredness, hunger and the ever present cloud of methane gas hovering head level. I couldn’t relate to these people at all well maybe slightly like that time I found my passport which I had lost approx 4hrs before my flight , but that seemed dismal compared to the crazed celebrations I witnessed.

Anyway ive been walking through this week in a sleep deprived haze and to be honest I can barely remember the entire week. I do however have very fond and vivid memories of the podcast that I recorded.

I was speaking with Steve Gove and Trygve wakenshaw from the Prague Fringe festival, they were kind of enough to give up a part of their very busy schedule to record the show. I literally got 2 hours notice to meet them and record the podcast which left me in a panic state and poorly prepared but I managed to assemble the bare basics and meet them at their HQ which looked like Steve’s apartment and probably was.

Steve is the founder of the Prague Fringe Festival and his infectious passion for the festival seems to be the fuel which motivates his team and drives the success of the festival year after year. Steve also introduced to Trygve wakenshaw who is a Physical comedy performer from New Zealand and who has been headlining Fringe festivals around the world for some time now.

Steve and Trygve gave me two very unique perspectives on what the Fringe festival is all about and what it can mean for many of the people attending the event and for all the performers who travel to it with the intention of sharing their art and honing their craft.

I plan on going to as many shows as I can during the festival, it will be an opportunity to reengage with art and maybe crack this hard shell I’ve developed over recent years.

Until next time..

Stay Pensive.

To listen to the full episode click HERE

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