Reflecting on Visits in the dark with Zdeněk Rybák

Visits in the dark

With Zdeněk Rybák

So I recorded this podcast sometime ago and during it I promised myself that I would stop taking things for granted. Talking with Zdeněk that day about being visually impaired made me realise how blessed I am to have had no real challenges in my life but now weeks later I find myself slipping back into the old thought process of negativity.

Whilst editing the podcast I have come to the same realization as I did the first time i heard him speak, the realization that I have it easy and I am not taking advantage of every opportunity life has to offer.

If you’re listening to the podcast use it as inspiration for overcoming challenges because If Zdeněk can accomplish all he has without sight then anything is possible.

This has been one of the most eye opening conversations of my life and I am truly grateful to have met with Zdeněk.

Stay pensive  

To listen to the full episode click HERE

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