Reflecting upon Musical Minds – #PP44

Musical Minds.

Today I’m writing my first blog in conjunction with my first podcast under the new Perpetually Pensive format. The first 42 episodes with Paul were amazing, however, we could only go so far with geographical constrictions; thereby, we embark on this exciting, challenging new direction.

If you didn’t already know, we’re chatty cats with a huge curiosity for learning new information in the hope of understanding new ideas and perspectives. Last week’s episode “Dancing with the Devil” embodies everything that I love about PP’s new direction. A world that we both didn’t know much about, a guest with a wealth of experience – and wisdom conveyed in a confident manner to Mr Gormley and the listeners.

This week’s episode entitled “Musical Minds” I got to sit down and have a conversation with James Curran; A supremely talented and genuine friend. He’s also the front man of Progressive Metal Band Ghost Origin.

I’m a frustrated musician who cannot play a dam note; Thus, I love to delve deep into the minds of wizard like people actual musical wizards like James. These kinds of sorcerers who secrete world bending, black magic, into the world are of high interest to me. Perhaps, if I did understand music on a deeper, constructive level, I’d not be having a Podcast like Musical Minds.

In a world of technological masturbation, the Ghost Origin front man takes us through his more solitude/unique approach to learning; Furthermore, he discusses his influences – we also fawn over our mutual love for the band Tool and Danny Elfman.

As always after talking to James I have a better appreciate for the creative process. Additionally, while listening to James speak about his musical journey so far, I couldn’t help but take note that there’s a lot of universal truths about his approach that one can apply to any endeavour within this crazy journey we’re on.

Enjoy the Podcast!

Stay Pensive.


Listen to the full episode —> Here

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